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Nurse Nancy (1991, xvid) - classic,Zara Whites,Peter North

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480x360AVI01:03:40screens & DVD-covers: between the sheets with the nastiest nurse ever! Nancy is having trouble paying the bills, so she trades places with gorgeous call-girl roommate Michelle and gives her customers a mega dose of erotic energy! Meanwhile, Michelle combines business with pleasure as she demonstrates her bedside manner on both the patients and the personnel, making it a real genital hospital! Actresses    * Alicyn Sterling    * Cassidy (as Rebecca) [LezOnly]    * Sandra Scream    * Tera Heart    * Zara Whites [Facial]Actors    * Marc Wallice    * Peter North    * Woody Long    Scene Breakdowns    * Scene 1. Zara Whites    * Scene 2. Peter North, Zara Whites    * Scene 3. Sandra Scream, Tera Heart    * Scene 4. Sandra Scream, Tera Heart, Woody Long    * Scene 5. Marc Wallice, Zara Whites    * Scene 6. Cassidy, Zara Whites    * Scene 7. Alicyn Sterling, Marc WalliceStudio: 	CaballeroRelease Date: 	1991Category: 	Classic, Plot Based, NursesREVIEW:Scene 1In the opening scene, Zara is taking a bath in a Jacuzzi and we get to enjoy watching her play with herself. She is looking very scrumptious here and fans of Zara will appreciate this extended scene. Peter North appears and Zara immediately gives his ample member a little tongue bath. This is a very extended blow job starting with Peter out of the tub with clothes on, then he is in the tub with clothes on, then finally he is naked. Zara does a good job of pumping and sucking his timber here.Peter eventually returns the favor with some cunnilingus on the edge of the tub before giving her a little Doggie. The camera work here is mediocre at best as the tub restricts the angles they can use on the action. But there are some nice pan shots of Zara.Zara and Peter then get out of the tub, sit on the edge and we get a little acrobatic Cowgirl action. This is nicely shot with some great views of Zaras pussy getting filled with Peter's member. They then switch to Missionary and after some enthusiastic pumping and playing Peter squirts a gallon or two of jizz on Zaras tits and tummy.This is a good scene but pretty standard. What makes it is the fact that it is Peter and Zara.Scene 2The next scene actually introduces the "premise" of the movie where Sandra and Zara discuss their jobs and work loads. Sandra is horny and needing cash, Zara wants to help and would love to do something more "meaningful". They switch jobs and away they go!We focus on Sandra's experience first. She is on a job with Tera Heart to service Woody Long. Woody sits on a couch and directs the two ladies as to what he wants them to do. This is an INCREDIBLE hot scene! Sandra and Tera look great and are COMPLETELY into each other and having Woody tell them what to do!There is some GREAT camera work as we see the women staring at Woody as he tells them to touch each other, lick each other, etc. The girls take turns eating each other out, probing each other with their tongues and spreading out their pink cunnies very nicely for the camera. Woody comes into the scene and gets a hot blow job from Sandra while Tera plays with her ample tits. Woody then takes Sandra Missionary while Tera plays with her pussy and Woody's cock. There is some VERY hot and nasty talk here which fuels an already hot scene.The heat is tangible in this scene and ends with a very nice pop shot all over Sandra's beautiful tits. Sandra finishes up by sucking his cock clean. Woody Long is perfect with his dirty aggressive talk. This performance makes the movie!Scene 3In the third scene we get to see how Zara fares in the hospital. She is watching over Marc Wallace and is coerced into giving him a Blow Job. This is again a nice slow BJ which leads to Zara stripping down and getting some cowgirl action. The camera work is good here showing Zaras quim getting pounded.They move to Missionary and we get to watch Zara play with herself as Marc pounds into her. Zara has very nice, perky natural tits that are VERY fun to watch, especially as she plays with them. Marc flips her over and takes her Doggie-style but there is no anal.As Marc gets close to cumming he flips Zara over again and moves up closer to her chest. He seems to want to move in close for a facial but Zara stops him half-way up and begins giving him a hand job. There is a subtle tension here as Mark is looking to blow his load on her face and she is thinking tittie shot. He explodes and manages to spray a little on her cheek although the majority of his load lands on her nice titties.This is a good scene although a little standard in it's positions and camera work. The pop shot is an interesting close as Mark and Zara seemed to have different ideas about where his spunk was going to end up!Scene 4The next scene has Zara in the changing room of the Hospital. She is approached by Alicyn Sterling just as she changes into a very hot white body suit. Alicyn knows she is not a nurse but is willing to keep her secret if she is willing to join her on the couch! These two women are VERY hot with tight, sexy athletic bodies and pert natural titties.We enjoy watching Alicyn eat Zara to a very energetic orgasm and then Zara returns the favor. The pussy licking and fingering here is well shot and very watch able. It is a slow but very sexy scene between two very hot women.Scene 5The last scene introduces Rebecca. She is a hot blond with long curly locks and a hot athletic body. She is in a nurses outfit complete with white stockings which look very nice on her sexy legs. Marc Wallace eats her sexy pussy and is rewarded with a very enthusiastic BJ as a reward. This is a nice contrast to the very artistic (although watch-able!) BJ's that Zara tends to deliver.Rebecca then gets some Mish, some doggie and a smallish pop shot on her ass.This scene suffers from being very standard although Rebecca is very attractive and makes it quite watch-able.SummaryFor Zara Whites or Sandra Scream fans this is a good addition for the Library. I picked it up on special and paid an alright price for it. It's not worth more than $16.00 as there really only two memorable scenes here. Woody Long is the hero here with an incredible performance with Sandra and Tera. .