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Garmin Mobile XT on N5800 - Europe Map 2010.1 v13.10 & Extra'

Torrent Description:

Garmin Mobile XT on N5800 - Europe Map 2010.1 v13.10 & Extra's

Transform your GPS smartphone into the complete mobile travel toolkit with Garmin Mobile XT. Simply plug the data card into your compatible phone for spoken turn-by-turn directions to points of interest, phone book contacts, location-tagged photographs and Google Local destinations with the latest maps for Europe.

Torrent comes with :
- Garmin Mobile XT version (Via updates)
- Europe Map 2010.1 v13.10 (Map ID : 449) 
- 114 Vehicles eg. helicopters, cars, sleds, pizza point etc...
- POI - edit and installation tools
This version has been tried and tested on a Nokia 5800 Xpress Music (Firmware 21.0.025)

Notables not in the readme :
- If it wines about not being able to calculate the route, 
  make sure it is not on Offroad mode
- Map is, if my information is correct, released in april 2009
  If anyone could verify please...

Happy driving ! 
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