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Ninja Blade for PC [MULTI] + EXE crack by SKIDROW

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Ninja Blade for PC -GG- 100% ENG  text /audio [MULTI] + also crack availible by SKIDROWPC requirementsSystem Requirements*Intel CPU	- 	Pentium 4 3.2GHzAMD CPU	- 	Athlon XP 2500+Nvidia Graphics Card	- 	Geforce 7300 GS 256MBATI & Intel Graphics Card	- 	Radeon 9250RAM	- 	1 GBHard Disk Space	- 	5 GBDirect X	- 	9* System requirements displayed are based on recommended system requirements and should be used as a guide only.Had to check and see what languages it had in it and they are:EnglishChineseFrenchItalianGermanSpanishPolish This folder was directly from Gamersgate, and it's the only full english game out there so far as i know of. You will have to find a way to crack this yourself. I think i did enough by providing you with the game in 100% English.REMEMBER TO SEED THIS AS LONG AS POSSIBLE. ALSO PLEASE MAKE SURE YOUR UPLOADING HIGH AS WELL FOR EVERYONE CAN DOWNLOAD FASTER. ALSO IF SOMEONE COULD MAKE A NO CD EXE OR SOMETHING FOR THIS THAT WOULD BE AWESOME FOR OTHERS CAN PLAY THIS AS WELL.Heres proof that this is english REALLY HOPE RELOADED, RAZOR1911, OR SKIDROW CAN CRACK THIS GAME PLEASE...THIS GAME USES STARFORCE ON-LINE PROTECTION....and only lets u activate 2 times on 2 computers, with 99 WTF========================================================THANKS SKIDROW=========here is SKIDROW crack from releaseloghttp: // hot file. com/ dl /18093605 / 90799e9 /Ninja. Blade- SKIDROW - CRACK _ ONLY . rar. htmlor http: // www. mega upload .com /?d=9XKXENAR