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LS Stunning Dolls; LS Future School etc [7 LS sets]

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Hi everyone ! It's been a while, actually 2 months, since my last upload here (december┬┤09) Everything is of course OK with me. I was kind of expecting someone else to start uploading some more LS girls for you, but maybe no one did ?Alright then, i'll make an end to your waiting right now:HERE ARE 7 BIG AMAZING SETS OF STUNNINGLY BEAUTIFUL MODELS ! THESE GIRLS ARE SOME OF THE PRETTIEST/CUTEST SWEETHEARTS EVER PHOTOGRAPHED !All my old LS torrents are healthy and still well seeded - there must be close to 100.000 downloads by now !So you are not alone. We are not pedos or perverts. We just love beauty.ENJOY THESE MAGNIFICENT SETS !!!NN Previews of all 7 sets: