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GTA Macedonia BETA v.1

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GTA Macedonia is a modification of ‘GTA: San Andreas’ , a well known video game from RockStar Games. We gave big effort to make the game to look more on our motherland, translating the text to Macedonian, adding vehicles (like YUGO and Zastava), changing the buildings and cities and lots of other changes.RequirementsMinimal Hardware requirements for GTA Macedonia are:1GHz Intel Pentium III or AMD Athlon processor256MB RAM memory6 GB Free Space on the HDD128MB Graphic Card Compatible on DirectX 9Stereo Sound CardGame Languages:-Macedonian (Default)-EnglishNO INSTALLATION NEEDEDJust open GTA Macedonia BETA v.1 folder click on exe file and play :D GTA Macedonia features:Car Controls:F10 - SpeedometerU - Open/close left front doorI - Open/close right front doorJ - Open/close left rear doorK - Open/close right rear door8 - Open/close bonnetM - Open/close bootO - Open/close all the doors incldung bonnet and boot (without flashing and sound)P - Turn on engineL - Turn off engine0 (inside a car) - Lock/unlock doors7 - Turn on lights9 - Turn off lightsZ - Activate Auto-Driver (Readme included)N - Update Auto-Driver location0 (on foot) - Enable/disable central locking (with flashing and sound), - Turn on/off hydraulics. or right mouse button - Turbo (to be activated by hitting fire)Sleep Controls:- F9 key for a nap/light sleep.- F10 key for a sleep.- F11 key for a deep sleep.- F12 key to wake up.- Bear in mind that CJ will sleep on the floor where he last stood on.- The longer or deeper the sleep, the faster you heal and accelerate time.When You Press TAB+Backspace.From the menu you can Select Which Stats of CJ's Stats you want to change.When you press Ctrl+NUM+There is 3 snow levels,If you want to change level just press ctrl+ num+For more information visit our website and forum please!!!