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These are all Hindi (Indian) language incest comics translated from the english comics, with Desi flavor & desi songs & desi dialogues. IF YOU DONOT KNOW HINDI LANGUAGE, DONOT DOWNLOAD IT.These comic-translations are done by me, with my Alias/Pen-name 'Kevdabhai' on FSI forum.Preview:- (rest you can find in the torrent itself because I've not zipped the files) had posted them on FSI forum with my alias 'Kevda' but those FSI admin got some server problems so now it doesn't show my hosted photos anymore! Months of hardwork wasted, so now I'm releasing my collection on torrent. You may also spread on other desi-forums.Will seed between 2-8 AM Indian Std Time.If you want Gujarati sex stories in Gujarati fonts then click / Robin5555 I hope you enjoy this desi stuff!