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                   City Life Deluxe (c) Monte Cristo            
                      Protection ..: Tages                                
                              GAME NOTES 

      City  Life  Deluxe,  the  follow  up  to  the   critically      
      aspects of the  original  and  expands  the  possibilities      
      through exciting new content and features.  Over  100  new     
      buildings, including famous structures such as  the  White     
      House, the Eiffel Tower, the Kremlin and  others  will  be      
      available  in  the  game,  along  with  new  maps  and   a      
      fully-integrated content editor. Now players will be  able      
      to create or customize buildings  and  share  them  online     
      with other City Life: World Edition owners.                     
      This product is called "City Life: World Edition"  in  the     
                             INSTALL NOTES 

           ~ Unpack                                                       
           ~ Burn or mount                                               
           ~ Install the game                                             
           ~ Copy the cracked files from the Crack folder               
           ~ Enjoy!